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SimplyClear Clear Aligners – Center, TX

An Easy Way to Straighten Teeth

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Clear aligners are one of the most popular orthodontic treatments in modern times, and it is not difficult to understand why. They are discreet, efficient, and convenient. However, since many companies offer clear aligners, it can be difficult to know which treatment is right for you. Here at Family Dental Center of East Texas, our team is proud to offer SimplyClear, an easy and state-of-the-art clear aligner treatment. Contact us today to request your consultation for this cosmetic treatment.

Why Choose Family Dental Center of East Texas for SimplyClear?

  • Nearly Invisible Clear Aligner Trays
  • Convenient, Efficient, and Effective Treatment
  • Friendly & Skilled Dental Team

How SimplyClear Works

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Similar to other types of clear aligners, Simply Clear uses a series of custom aligner trays to apply gentle pressure to the teeth. As you gradually move from one aligner to the next (switching every one or two weeks), your teeth move little by little toward their ideal positions.

In order for SimplyClear to be effective, you should keep the aligners in your mouth for 22 hours each day — you should only remove them when you eat and attend to oral hygiene. Most patients start to notice results after a few months, with final results usually taking 12 – 18 months or so.

Indications for SimplyClear

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SimplyClear is an excellent option for most mild to moderate cases of dental misalignment and malocclusions (bad bites). Here are a few specific examples of issues that it is commonly used to address:

Crowded Teeth

Crowded, overlapping teeth can trap food between them and endanger your oral health. SimplyClear is often able to shift the teeth in a way that allows each one to function optimally.

Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps between the teeth might look quirky, but they can actually leave your gums vulnerable to harm! SimplyClear may be able to shift your teeth in a way that closes unwanted extra spaces.

Bite Alignment

Issues like overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite are quite common. With the assistance of appropriate accessories, SimplyClear is often able to correct these forms of malocclusions.

The Benefits of SimplyClear 

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Some remarkable benefits of SimplyClear include:

  • It is nearly invisible. The aligners are made of layers of clear plastic that diffuse light and have an anti-reflective surface. In other words, SimplyClear does not call a lot of attention to itself!
  • No dietary restrictions. Because the aligners are removable, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods throughout your treatment.
  • Hassle-free oral hygiene. You can brush and floss your teeth using normal techniques.
  • Comfortable treatment. The aligners are designed to rest as comfortably as possible against the soft tissues in your mouth.
  • Short, easy checkups. SimplyClear checkup appointments usually take just a few minutes.

How Much Does SimplyClear Cost?

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The cost of SimplyClear can vary. It depends on how many aligners you need, the extent of your dental misalignment, and more. When you visit us for a consultation, we can share some specific numbers with you. In general, clear aligner treatment usually costs at least a few thousand dollars.

We understand that many patients are concerned about the cost of care, and we are ready to help. That is why we welcome insurance, and we offer low-interest financing through CareCredit, a third-party lender. Most patients qualify for a payment plan that works with their budget!