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Toothbrushes for Kids: When Your Child Can Go Electric

October 6, 2022

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parent helping child use toothbrush

Did you know that approximately one-fifth of children between the ages of five and 11 as well as 13% of teenagers between ages 12 to 19 have at least one untreated cavity? Cavities are often the cause of improper oral hygiene. Not brushing and flossing often enough allows plaque and bacteria to build up on the teeth. These bacteria feed off the sugar in the foods and drinks your child consumes and release acids that attack their enamel, therefore making their smile more susceptible to decay. Using the proper tools is essential to keeping your smile healthy, so read on to learn about toothbrushes for kids and when your child can start using an electric one.

When to Buy Your Child an Electric Toothbrush

Though children can start using electric toothbrushes for kids as young as two years old, many families wait until their little one is between six and eight. If you choose to introduce an electric toothbrush to your child when they’re two, they need to be under supervision when cleaning their smiles. They should also avoid using toothpaste.

During this process, remember that any negative experiences your child has with brushing their teeth can leave a bad first impression. Don’t force them to switch to electric before they’re ready. When they see a trusted adult using one, they may even ask about electric toothbrushes for kids on their own. You may also want to consider turning brushing into a fun family activity to help your child transition.

How to Choose an Electric Toothbrush for Your Child

For many parents, buying a higher quality toothbrush for themselves than for their child just makes sense. In reality, the extra money is worth the continued excellent oral health of your child. Some factors to consider when picking electric toothbrushes for kids include:

  • Use a plaque-disclosing agent – These can come in the form of tablets, swabs, or liquid. Plaque-disclosing agents react with plaque to stain it, which makes it easier to see how much plaque your child missed using an electric versus a manual toothbrush.
  • Brush head shape and size – Make sure to pick the right shape and size for the brush head of your child’s toothbrush so it fits your child’s mouth properly.
  • Battery type – Toothbrushes with rechargeable batteries are generally better quality than those that use removable ones.
  • Type of Bristles – Higher quality toothbrushes features bristles that are less likely to scratch your little one’s enamel.

Switching your little one from a manual toothbrush to an electric one can take time. Be sure to let them move at their own pace so they feel comfortable and confident in the tools they use to keep their smiles healthy!

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