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What Should I Do When My Dental Bridge Falls Out?

August 11, 2023

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Dental bridges are restorations used to replace several missing teeth in a row. They are bonded to the teeth on either side and hold artificial teeth in place within the gap. If your dental bridge has unexpectedly fallen out, you shouldn’t panic–though it is a dental emergency, it’s nothing that your trustworthy emergency dentist can’t handle! Here are some reasons your dental bridge might fall out and what you should do with it until your emergency dental appointment.

Why Would My Dental Bridge Fall Out?

A dental bridge falling out usually has to do with a problem concerning the abutment teeth anchoring it. Sometimes these teeth are too short to provide the strong bond that a bridge needs to hang on in the long run. Other times these teeth might be too weak or damaged to support the bridge due to aging or decay.

A dental bridge can also lose its grip due to an improper bite pattern. If your bite closes irregularly around the bridge, it can cause pressure that will weaken it over time. Sometimes the bridge rides too high on one of the abutment teeth, resulting in greater chewing pressure on one side that can eventually work it loose or break it. If the artificial teeth in the bridge break, this can release the tension holding it in place, allowing it to slide out of position.

My Dental Bridge Fell Out; Now What?

When your dental bridge falls out, schedule a dentist’s appointment as soon as possible. Missing your dental bridge counts as a dental emergency because it can disrupt your quality of life by affecting your smile, speech, and eating. In the meantime, avoid chewing where the bridge normally sits to protect the abutment teeth. These teeth are weakened from serving as anchors to the bridge, and further damage can require your dentist to extract them. Place the missing bridge in a plastic sandwich bag or another container to safeguard it until your dental visit.

What Can My Dentist Do to Help?

At your appointment, your dentist will examine your bridge and its abutment teeth to determine if it can be repaired. Sometimes the abutment teeth must be treated for damage or decay before the bridge can be put back in position. In some cases, the dental bridge might need to be replaced completely. Your dentist will be able to explain your options during your consultation.

While your dental bridge falling out is an emergency, it is not a disaster. Knowing what to do when it happens can save you a lot of stress and hassle, especially when you understand that your dentist is well-prepared to resolve the situation.

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