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How to Promote Your Child’s Oral Health

February 11, 2021

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mother teaching her daughter how to brush her teeth

As a parent or caretaker, you of course want to make sure that your child is as healthy as possible. February is Children’s Dental Health Month, and there is never a better time than the present to start setting their smile up for success. Maybe you were fortunate enough to grow up in a home where your caretakers taught you good oral hygiene habits, but even if that wasn’t the case, you can make a change for the better when it comes to teaching your child how to care for their teeth and gums. Keep reading to learn the best ways you can equip your child with the tools and knowledge they need to keep their smiles looking beautiful for years to come.

Tips to Help You Set Your Child’s Smile Up for Success

Adults with beautiful smiles have them for a reason. Like overall physical wellbeing, oral health starts with developing good habits at a young age. You have the ability to begin training your child to value dental health and protect it early in life, and here are a few tips to help you do it:

Be Diligent About Visiting the Dentist

One of the most important things you can do to teach your child the importance of oral health is to make sure they see the dentist twice a year. Preventive oral care is responsible for helping children avoid serious problems down the road. Their dentist has a trained eye that can catch issues before they become larger ones. Plus, if your child sees you prioritizing their oral health at a young age, they are more likely to continue doing so themselves into adulthood.

Feed Them Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Doctors encourage a well-rounded diet for a reason, and fruits and veggies are responsible for providing your child’s body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow strong and healthy. These vitamins also promote strong teeth and healthy gums. Plus, many of them have high fiber contents, which actually helps to clean your child’s teeth while they chew. Celery and apples are great examples!

Stress the Importance of Brushing and Flossing

There is no better way to help promote your child’s oral health than to instill in them a devotion to daily flossing and brushing. These practices not only remove cavity-causing plaque, but they also help to keep bacteria at bay that is responsible for gum disease.

Limit Their Sugar Intake

Of course, there will come a time when you no longer have as much control over what your child eats, so that’s why it’s so important to teach them what a dental-friendly diet looks like when they are young. One of the best ways to prevent unwanted dental appointments outside of regular checkups and cleanings is to limit your child’s sugar intake. The more sweet treats they indulge in, the higher the possibility is that they will develop cavities.

Children learn by example, and the more your child sees you prioritizing their oral health, the more it will sink in that it is important. Start practicing these tips with your child now so that they can feel proud of their smile later on.

About the Practice

If you’re looking for a dental practice where you can enjoy the convenience of your children also being able to receive excellent care, look no further than the office of Dr. Thomas Youngblood and Dr. Mireya Martinez. As a father himself, Dr. Youngblood is passionate about teaching children the importance of dental care at a young age. Both doctors have extensive training and experience, and their top priority is building lasting relationships with their patients while also providing the highest quality of care. Are you ready to schedule your child’s next dental checkup? Visit us online or call us at (936) 427-9070.

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