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3 Reasons Why You Won’t Regret a Root Canal

June 15, 2023

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A woman receiving a root canal

Like many people, you probably think root canals sound daunting. Do you really need a procedure that drills into your tooth? Getting it may lead to grief and woe. Even so, the reality is that you won’t regret a root canal treatment. This service’s upsides outweigh potential negatives and lead to a higher quality of life. If you’d like to learn more, your local Center dentist is happy to explain. To that end, here are three vital reasons you’ll be happy with root canal work.

It’s Not Painful

Given the stereotypes and rumors, it’s easy to think root canals are painful. Many TV shows and films even depict them as highly uncomfortable. Given this context, many people might skip root canal therapy altogether.

All that said, a root canal doesn’t hurt. Dentists numb your mouth beforehand so it stays painless. At most, you’ll only feel a slight pressure as the treatment proceeds.

You see, pop culture only depicts root canals as awful because that’s more dramatic. The idea makes viewers pay attention to a film or show. Therefore, you can’t trust Hollywood to give you an accurate portrayal of a root canal.

It Beats the Alternatives

Perhaps you think a root canal is inconvenient and takes time you’d rather spend elsewhere. Regardless, the fact remains that it’s better than your other options.

Without a root canal, your problem tooth will only get worse. In fact, its infection will likely spread to your other body parts. You could then suffer from complications like sepsis. At the very least, your risk of tooth loss would greatly increase.

Fortunately, though, you could avoid these dilemmas with root canal therapy. The latter option would remove your infection before worse problems arise.

It’ll Solve Your Oral Problem(s)

True enough, you might suffer aches while recovering from a root canal. However, your overall condition will feel better than it did before.

Remember, most people get a root canal to address intense toothaches. The treatment would free you of the pain you’ve been enduring. From there, you could chew, drink, and speak without fear of soreness or aches. The result would be a major rise in your quality of life.

It’d certainly be nice if dental drilling were never necessary. Until that time comes, though, you can trust you won’t regret a root canal.  

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