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How Much Discomfort Is Expected After Root Canal Therapy?

March 4, 2023

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a woman speaking to her dentist after root canal therapy

One of the most common myths about root canal therapy is that it is painful! Contrary to what movies and media portray, the procedure is comfortable due to topical anesthesia. The major discomfort you felt from your infected tooth before the procedure is much worse than the actual treatment! However, you will have slight soreness in the treated area for several days after root canal therapy. But how much is considered normal? Here’s what to know about root canal therapy, recovery expectations, and when you should visit your dentist for help.


What Products Help Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month?

February 4, 2023

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When you’re trying to teach your child, but there’s no element of fun involved, it’s going to make learning tougher if they aren’t fueled by enthusiasm. Take dental care, for instance. Developing an oral hygiene routine usually isn’t considered a fun activity. But what if you bring some tools into the mix that get them excited? In recognition of National Children’s Dental Health Month, check out some fun product ideas from a children’s dentist in Center.


What Are Healthy Snacks to Sub for Cavity-Causing Foods?

January 4, 2023

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girl eating carrots

Nutritional habits developed during childhood can stay with you into adulthood. That could pay dividends for your child for years to come, but in the near future, these smart choices can mean a lot for their oral health. It’s easy for your child to end up eating too many items high in sugar and carbohydrates. Unfortunately, those tend to be cavity-causing foods. They supply fuel for bacteria to produce acid that attacks tooth enamel. Keep reading as a children’s dentist in Center helps you discover alternatives that will satisfy their snack cravings while not being so hard on their teeth.


5 Smile-Friendly Stocking Stuffers That Your Family Will Love

December 16, 2022

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Stockings hanging over some candles in a festive room

There are few things more exciting than seeing a stocking full of goodies on Christmas morning. Candy and other sweet treats are among the most common stocking stuffers, but while there’s nothing wrong with indulging now and then, you might want to balance things out with a few gifts that promote good oral health. Below are 5 tooth-friendly gift ideas that will leave everyone in your family smiling.


4 Ways Dental Visits Can Save You Money

November 21, 2022

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a patient enjoying their dental insurance in Center

Now that it’s the holiday season, you might be feeling a pinch in your bank account. If you’ve been busy buying groceries for a family meal or purchasing gifts for loved ones, you may be tempted to cancel any unnecessary subscriptions or appointments. However, you won’t want to call off a visit to your dentist. By scheduling an appointment with them and using your dental insurance, you could be saving money in the long run. Read on to learn how regular checkups with your dentist can help save you thousands of dollars!


5 Tips to Ensure You Have a Smile-Friendly Thanksgiving

November 9, 2022

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example of a healthy Thanksgiving in Center

With Thanksgiving around the corner, you might have plenty of plans to juggle. From traveling and cooking to organizing a family get-together, this holiday weekend can seem somewhat challenging. While the main thing about this month is the delicious meal you’re excited to munch on, the last thing you want is to develop a cavity after the festivities. Read on to learn several tooth-friendly tips on how to have a healthy Thanksgiving for your pearly whites!


Are You Overbrushing Your Teeth?

October 21, 2022

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person brushing teeth

There are several things you can do to keep your smile healthy. Eating fresh fruits and veggies, lean meat, fish, and dairy will provide your teeth with the nutrients they need. Visiting your dentist every six months will allow them to identify and treat oral health issues as soon as possible. And, of course, brushing and flossing your teeth at home will lower your risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems. Though you may think brushing your teeth hard is the best way to ensure you remove all the plaque, this isn’t the case. Read on to learn about how overbrushing can harm your smile and signs that you’re doing it.


Toothbrushes for Kids: When Your Child Can Go Electric

October 6, 2022

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parent helping child use toothbrush

Did you know that approximately one-fifth of children between the ages of five and 11 as well as 13% of teenagers between ages 12 to 19 have at least one untreated cavity? Cavities are often the cause of improper oral hygiene. Not brushing and flossing often enough allows plaque and bacteria to build up on the teeth. These bacteria feed off the sugar in the foods and drinks your child consumes and release acids that attack their enamel, therefore making their smile more susceptible to decay. Using the proper tools is essential to keeping your smile healthy, so read on to learn about toothbrushes for kids and when your child can start using an electric one.


Kid-Friendly School Lunches for a Healthy Smile

September 14, 2022

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young boy smiling while eating school lunch

Children and parents across the country are officially back in school mode. While scrambling to get the last few items on your little one’s supply list, don’t forget to pick up some tooth-approved foods as well. Believe it or not, a healthy smile can do more than just make your children’s dentist in Center happy – it can improve academic success! By making a few adjustments here and there, you can turn your child’s cavity-filled lunch into a healthy one.


What Are the Reasons for Children’s Tooth Extractions?

August 24, 2022

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Baby tooth extraction concept

When a dentist surgically removes a primary tooth, it is often called a “baby tooth extraction.” As a parent, if you ever hear a dentist say that your child needs their tooth pulled, you’ll certainly want to understand why. Isn’t that baby tooth going to fall out anyway? The truth is this is one of the most common pediatric dentistry procedures. Continue reading to learn from a children’s dentist in Center reasons why children’s tooth extractions are sometimes necessary and get some aftercare tips.

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