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Patient comfort is one of our top priorities at Family Dental Center. We know just how important proper sedation can be for reducing any pain or anxiety that a patient can experience.

Dental sedation can be important for helping a patient have a positive dental visit. Our experts always take sedation and anesthesia very seriously, and we carefully monitor the process to help ensure that the patient is kept safe.

Depending upon the type of sedation or anesthesia necessary, a patient may be able to carry on with their day as normal immediately following the procedure. Other types of sedation may require several hours for the effects to wear off completely. We strongly encourage any patient who is concerned about receiving sedation to ask us about the effects of the medicine we provide. Family Dental Center offers sedation for both children and adult patients.

We offer the following options:

  • Local Anesthesia: A local anesthetic will numb the immediate area of dental work. By providing a local anesthetic, a patient is much less likely to experience pain during treatment; however, a local anesthetic will not have any mental effect on the patient. As a result, local anesthesia is not very useful for reducing the anxiety of a nervous or apprehensive patent, but some patients do take comfort in knowing that a local anesthetic will lessen any pain or discomfort that they may experience during treatment. A local anesthetic will often be combined with another type of sedation for added patient comfort. This type of sedation is appropriate for both children and adults.
  • Oral Sedation: Oral sedation is a medicine that is consumed orally prior to treatment. This medicine will help the patient feel calm and relaxed during dental treatment. Oral sedation can be powerful, and it may make the patient less aware of their surroundings. This type of sedation also takes longer to kick in than other types of sedation, and it may take a few hours for the effects to subside.
  • Laughing Gas: Laughing gas is an inhaled substance that is safe for both children and adult patients. The medicine is administered by having the patient wear a special mask over their mouth and nose and having the patient breathe in the substance. The patient will feel the effects very rapidly, and any feelings of anxiety or nervousness will be quickly replaced by sensations of overall comfort and well-being. Some benefits of laughing gas include its short duration, ease of use and safety. Afterward, the patient will be able to continue with their day as normal.
  • General Anesthesia: General anesthesia is a medicine that is designed to render a patient unconscious while they receive treatment. Although it is safe for both children and adults, general anesthesia is reserved for the most extensive dental procedures. The patient will have no recollection of the procedure. It will take the patient several hours to return to normal following treatment with general anesthesia.

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Alyson M.

Dr. Youngblood and the girls in the office are absolutely wonderful!!! Thankful to have people like them in our little town!

Mariah C.

Awesome experience the staff is wonderful and very professional as well as Dr Youngblood who is amazing with children

Leslie C.

Dr. Youngblood and his staff was wonderful with my girls! They are excellent with kids that have anxiety of going to the dentist. We will most definitely be using them again!! Thank y'all so much!
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