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Dental fillings are used to effectively repair teeth with cavities or other forms of minor decay or damage. The placement of a dental filling can be completed in just one visit to Family Dental Center.

Cavities are one of the most common dental issues. While cavities are generally considered a minor issue, they can develop into more serious problems if they are left untreated, but fortunately, most cavities can be quickly and easily restored with a dental filling.

Dental fillings are used primarily to repair teeth with cavities or other forms of minor decay or damage. The process for applying a filling is relatively simple, and it can be completed in just one visit. Family Dental Center provides tooth-colored fillings that are designed to look just like healthy teeth.

Our tooth-colored fillings are comprised of a composite mixture that consists of plastic resins and silica fillers. This type of dental filling leaves teeth strong and durable. When providing a dental filling, we start by removing any visible decay and any existing filling material from prior restorations. Once the tooth is clean, we can begin the filling process. The filling material will be carefully applied to the tooth in order to seal off any openings or voids. We then allow the filling material to harden so that it reaches the desired level of strength and consistency. Finally, the filling material is shaped and polished so that the tooth achieves the desired look.

It is important to remember that dental fillings can only be used to restore teeth with minor damage or decay. They cannot adequately repair teeth with more extensive damage or decay. For patients suffering from moderate to major damage, a different type of restoration will be required.

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Alyson M.

Dr. Youngblood and the girls in the office are absolutely wonderful!!! Thankful to have people like them in our little town!

Mariah C.

Awesome experience the staff is wonderful and very professional as well as Dr Youngblood who is amazing with children

Leslie C.

Dr. Youngblood and his staff was wonderful with my girls! They are excellent with kids that have anxiety of going to the dentist. We will most definitely be using them again!! Thank y'all so much!
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